Monday, October 27, 2008

Ron Howard. Please Stay Behind The Camera

Ya know this is a hard one. I am a big fan of Ron Howard. I really liked him in Happy Days but I'm glad he stopped acting and moved behind the camera. I've loved a lot of what he's done as a director and producer. Arrested Development is classic Television and many of his movies are masterpieces.
So when I saw this video,I was torn.

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Forgive me if this video does not work for you here. I blame Funny Or Die. You can find the video on their site at:

I loved seeing the old characters again. Henry Winkler was great and didn't look all that different from "The Fonz" I remember, and personally, I thought Andy had already died, so to see him was a big surprise to me.

Now since Ron made the effort to let everyone know that just like him, Henry and Andy were doing this because they wanted to tell everyone how to vote, (instead of just helping out an old friend) I have to put them on my list too. Fortunately I'm not a big Matlock fan, and since Henry is pretty much only in Ron Howard projects, this is not going to be a big issue.

OK Ron, your whole premise seems to be that we need change and that we are fools if we don't think that Barak Obama is the only way to get that change. So you made this video because you think the people that aren't voting for Obama are stupid and this video will show them how silly they are and get them to change their minds.

My issue is not necessarily with the message you want to convey. I really think if I see a crazy Conservative actor, singer, filmmaker, etc. opening their yap to tell me what I should be doing I'll be calling them out as well. So if you see someone like that, send me a note.
I do take exception with your premises. Like your opinion that we need change in the first place. This is not a unarguable fact. There is no "consensus of scientists" who agree to this like man-made global warming. There are plenty of people that think that we, as a country, are not all that far off course (more than you would believe if you would get off your small little isolated planet). Some think we are doing pretty good in a "Grand Scheme" way of looking at things. Others think that the current ideas are correct, but the execution of the ideas needs some adjustments.
To think that we should just chuck the whole system and start making wholesale changes for the sake of change, and that this is the ONLY choice a smart person would make, is more than a little arrogant.

My ultimate point is, there are plenty of ways for people to figure out what they believe and who they are going to vote for. I don't even want to think that someone is voting for anyone based on a cute little video with characters in it from decades old TV shows. Those type of people should be banned from voting. Now that would be a change I could live with.

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