Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now THIS Is How Stars Are Suppose To Act!

Bravo Jennifer Aniston!
She's not out there telling us what to think about "Same-Sex" Marriage.
She's not out there telling us what we should think about Sarah Palin, or preaching to us about "The Chosen One" (notice I didn't have to say His name, yet you know who I'm talking about).
She's out there starting a cat fight with Angelina Jolie!

In this article from the Chicago Tribune (.com) we read how Jen is just itching to scratch some eyes out. Yeah baby! That's what celebs are suppose to be talking to reporters about!
Stop telling me to drive a Hybrid or to vote for a law to force farmers to give their chickens more elbow room (True law... just passed in California.). I wanna know what a low life Angelina is!

Jenny just went up about 5 notches on my opinion pole. She may not be perfect. I mean she did throw her 6 seconds in on this "Don't Vote" thing (look at the 0:39, 2:54 and 3:50 marks), but this is a great example to set for her TV/movie star pals. I just hope it catches on.
Ya know what? Angelina didn't do the "Don't Vote" ad... neither did Brad... hmm. They spend their time living a good example to others rather than telling everyone how they should live. 
**A really quick search only uncovered Brad donating money to the fight against the CA law to ban Same-Sex Marriage.

Maybe if Jen was more like Angie, Brad would have... oh, well. Never mind.

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